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Microfiber Towel - 30x60cm

Microfiber Towel - 30x60cm
Market price: FJ$25.00
China Direct price: FJ$20.00
Out of Stock

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are innovative, environment-friendly, and an effective cleaner. These superior quality microfiber cleaning cloths have features of split microfiber. Microfibers are made using 30% Polyamide and 70% Polyester fibers. The fiber ends are split microscopically into extremely fine strands that are many times finer than a human hair. 


There are many thousands of these strands per square inch.  This gives you a much larger cleaning surface than traditional cleaning clothes.  They have a grabbing feeling when you run your finger tips across them.  This explains why they are so effective at picking up dust and other residues.  They are very durable and machine washable allowing you to reuse them many times. The most important aspect is the absorption capacity of a cleaning material. Microfiber cloth has the ability to hold water up to 7 times of its weight. Moreover, it can hold 98 percent moisture while an ordinary cloth can hold of only 70 percent.


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